Dance Dance Revolution Pad IO


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Note: These are made to order, so back-order with confidence that they will ship fairly quickly.

Use this board to replace your Pad IO in your Dance Dance Revolution arcade pad. Each PCB includes headers for 4 arrows (so, for a complete doubles set up, you will need TWO boards). Each board connects via micro-USB cable.

This board is a fully assembled and tested piece built off of Kate Gray’s source code, available here:

These are a rolling-stock item, so as soon as we run out, we will make more. Backorders will be filled in the order they are received!

Feb 2 update: Price went up a little bit, as the Cypress boards have increased their price by 50%. This price will go down as market allows.


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Q: do the pads still need a separate power source or will the power come through the usb?
— Asked by Jay on October 31, 2017
A: Power comes through USB. This board does not control lights.
Q: Is it working with an old DDR cab to convert it in newest one? Mine is a system 573 digital inside and I want to put a PC inside with last DDR software.... lights are controlled too? Thanks.
— Asked by Louis on October 31, 2017
A: This board replaces the Pad's IO board. When plugged in, it allows for input. We have tested with Stepmania and Stepmania-based devices, and since this pad shows up to the computer as a standard joystick, you can use it for anything that takes joystick input. Please don't pirate DanceDanceRevolution.
Q: the ddr four 11 pin connectors are not color coded does it matter which 11 pin connector goes in where?
— Asked by jackson on November 1, 2017
A: It does not matter, you can plug any of them into any connector, and bind the button just the same as you would any other controller.
— http://Jesse%20@%20WBA
Q: Is this product as simple as it seems? Replace the existing IOs on my extreme cab with this, hook it up to a computer running stepmania, and I'm good to go?
— Asked by David on December 18, 2017
A: Yes. This device does nothing to sound or video, and only controls pad input.
— http://Jesse%20@%20WBA
Q: Is this compatible with the DDR Solo pad. Is there a version that will utilize all 6 arrows of a DDR solo pad?
— Asked by Duke on September 4, 2019

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