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This product is out of stock. If you still need something for your dance pad, please check out our friends over at

Use this board to replace your Pad IO in your Dance Dance Revolution arcade pad. Each PCB includes headers for 4 arrows (so, for a complete doubles set up, you will need TWO boards). Each board connects via micro-USB cable.

This board is a fully assembled and tested piece built off of Kate Gray’s source code, available here:

These are a rolling-stock item, so as soon as we run out, we will make more. Backorders will be filled in the order they are received!

Feb 2 update: Price went up a little bit, as the Cypress boards have increased their price by 50%. This price will go down as market allows.


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Q: do the pads still need a separate power source or will the power come through the usb?
— Asked by Jay on October 31, 2017
A: Power comes through USB. This board does not control lights.
Q: Is it working with an old DDR cab to convert it in newest one? Mine is a system 573 digital inside and I want to put a PC inside with last DDR software.... lights are controlled too? Thanks.
— Asked by Louis on October 31, 2017
A: This board replaces the Pad's IO board. When plugged in, it allows for input. We have tested with Stepmania and Stepmania-based devices, and since this pad shows up to the computer as a standard joystick, you can use it for anything that takes joystick input. Please don't pirate DanceDanceRevolution.
Q: the ddr four 11 pin connectors are not color coded does it matter which 11 pin connector goes in where?
— Asked by jackson on November 1, 2017
A: It does not matter, you can plug any of them into any connector, and bind the button just the same as you would any other controller.
— http://Jesse%20@%20WBA
Q: Is this product as simple as it seems? Replace the existing IOs on my extreme cab with this, hook it up to a computer running stepmania, and I'm good to go?
— Asked by David on December 18, 2017
A: Yes. This device does nothing to sound or video, and only controls pad input.
— http://Jesse%20@%20WBA
Q: Is this compatible with the DDR Solo pad. Is there a version that will utilize all 6 arrows of a DDR solo pad?
— Asked by Duke on September 4, 2019

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