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What is it? Why do I care?

BrightWhite adds network score saving to select System 573 DDR games, namely the ones that supported Memory Cards. Right now only scores are saved and displayed, but edits and features exclusive to specific games will be added over time, like custom courses for DDR 3rd Mix and DDR 4th Mix.

What games are supported?

  • DDR Extreme Pro / Clarity
  • DDR Extreme
  • DDR 7th Mix, -DDRMAX2-
  • DDR 6th Mix, -DDRMAX-
  • DDR 5th Mix.

Support for DDR 3rd Mix and DDR 4th Mix are currently in the works. DDR 3rd Mix will also sport full support for DDR 2nd Mix features.

What other features does it have?

We have a live tracking score feed that is very useful for Streaming, and it will be configurable to specific machines, versions and players so you can add a score feed to any given stream. In addition, sherl0k has been a wonderful person and has been working on a website for the system that gives you a look and feel similar to Konami’s Internet Ranking pages from way back in the day.

Also working on some features that blow past some of the limitations of PS1 memory cards, and the games themselves. Like storing all 240 songs on DDR Extreme and storing more than 13 edits on a single card.

What About GuitarFreaks?

Technically, BrightWhite would work on GuitarFreaks. Sadly however, Konami made more use of the controller ports than the memory card slots and BrightWhite doesn’t currently emulate the controller ports section. So yeah you could hook it up and it would work, but I’m not sure why.

This sounds hard to hook up. Is it hard to hook up?

Not at all. Everything that isn’t the network cable is USB Cables. If you can plug in a computer, you can setup a BrightWhite.

What comes in the box?

2 USB Readers and a USBJVS for the hardware side, and your choice of cabinet stickers for people who don’t have a memory card panel or don’t want to remove it for some reason, or a set of plastic and artwork to replace the memory card slots if you have them.

What doesn’t come in the box?

Ethernet cable, Raspberry Pi 2 Model B or Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, 8gb Class 10 MicroSD card.

Why doesn’t that stuff come in the box?

Because it’s easier and cheaper for you guys to order that stuff yourself. The margins on those components are already so low that I can’t get a volume discount of any real amount and I’d have to upcharge to buy those.

Which Raspberry Pi should I order?

Brightwhite was developed for use on a Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi 3. Any other platform ranges from “YMMV” to “Don’t even bother”, and no other platforms are supported.

Alternative Answer: Just buy this one, but you can get it cheaper elsewhere:

Which SD card should I order?

MicroSD, 8gb or larger, Class 10 or faster.

Which Micro USB Cables should I order?

MicroUSB cables. There are “Charge only” cables, and they will not work for our purposes, so make sure you avoid them.

I don’t have a memory card unit already, do I need that to use this?

No. This completely replaces any existing memory card unit, so you don’t even need one to use this.

Where’s the website?

Where’s the software?

What cable goes where?

This product is a custom-built application that requires careful handling. We reserve the right to deny refunds based on a variety of criteria, including physical damage, static discharge, and incorrect installation. 

If you own a japanese machine with PlayStation memory card readers and you’d like a replacement panel for that, please see this page


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