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This product is out of stock. If you still need something for your dance pad, please check out our friends over at

Use this board to replace your Pad IO in your Pump It Up or In the Groove arcade pad. Each PCB includes headers for 5 panels (so, for a complete doubles set up, you will need TWO boards). Each board connects via micro-USB cable and provides basic input support. Lights are not supported.

This board is a fully assembled and tested piece built off of Kate Gray’s source code, available here:

Please see the attached images for which connector goes to which header.

This board works with pads from DX, GX, SX, SD, FX, CX, and TX cabinets, as well as In The Groove dedicated cabinets. It might work with an LX too, but we haven’t been able to crack into one to check!

These are a rolling-stock item, so as soon as we run out, we will make more. Backorders will be filled in the order they are received!


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Q: If i only have the PIU arcade pads, will this hook them to my computer? Will I need anything else to get them to work?
— Asked by Cameron on February 14, 2018
A: You will need micro USB cables to hook these boards up to your computer (we sell those too), but that is it.
— http://Jesse%20@%20WBA

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